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Family Photos

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2007 Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival

Team Fahrner/O'Mahony/Doyle ready to go!
Bike Friday's all assembled Ruairi before start of Kids' triathelon Ruairi cresting the 'water hazard' half-way through thw water Almost done with the water portion! Retrieving the bike
Starting the 1 mile bike portion Out on the bike course Starting the run Man, this run is long! The Finish Line!!! The proud finisher!



France 2001

Sarih and Diane at Pic Blanc, 3330 meters Ruairi, Beth, Catie eating lunch on Pic Blanc Diane taking Dave's picture, Pic Blanc

Ruairi at alpe d'huez

Erin's horseback lesson at alpe d'huez

 Lance wins at Alpe d'Huez!

Lance Armstrong climbing Alpe d'Huez

Typical American tourist at the Tour d'France
Some very cold people at very high altitude (Agille du Midi) Ruairi and Steve in the chalet Ruairi finally finds his Mini Cooper

Beth and Ruairi watch donkey pack team outside of Briancon

Erin playing ping pong in backyard of chalet
Erin and Dave outside Hotel de Montevers
Dave with Mount Blanc in the background Beth and Ruairi up in the high Alps (temp: -3 degrees C) Erin and Dave in the Mere de Glace ice cave Erin with TWO Saint Bernards! Erin and her lesson horse
Memorial Weekend "Training Camp" @ Sunriver
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Our Vacation House in Sunriver, Oregon

We've made several trips to Sunriver in the past several years.  Intel has sponsored a couple of conferences there, and we've spent a vacation week and long weekends as well.    Since we've always had a great time, we started looking for a place to buy.  We found one and should take possession in early October.

Sunriver is a 3,300 acre resort community about 15 miles south of Bend, Oregon.  Being in the high desert of Central Oregon, the weather is alot different than where we are in Western Oregon.   It's much drier and sunnier (~300 sunny days a year), though it does get colder at night and in the winter.  Even so, it's always been a nice escape from the rain.

Sunriver lies along 8½ miles of the Deschutes River, and is surrounded on 3 sides by the Deschutes National Forest.  It has over 30 miles of bike paths, parks, tennis courts, 2 big pools, horse stables, a small marina, 3 golf courses, and its own private airport.  Besides the private homes and condos in the community, there is also a hotel lodge complex, Sunriver Resort, and a shopping/restaurant area.

During World War II the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operated Camp Abbott on the site.  The Resort conference center Great Hall, which dates from that period, is an incredible structure built with huge beams of old-growth Ponderosa Pine, harvested by the Army from the nearby forests. 

Canoeing and fishing are popular on the river, and the National Forest is a great place for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, etc.   Sunriver is close to the Mt. Bachelor ski area and the natural beauty of the Oregon High Cascades.

Bend is a cool town with great restaurants, art galleries, and awesome brewpubs.  The High Desert Museum, located between Bend and Sunriver, is one of the best nature museums we've seen - on par with the Sonora Desert Museum outside Tucson.  The Lava Lands Visitor Center of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument is also located in this area.  Redmond Airport, just outside Bend, is served by flights from Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

The House
It's really everything we were hoping to get in a Sunriver house.  It's in a great neighborhood -- it's only about 4 lots south of the National Forest boundary.   Deer frequent the area quite a bit.  The houses across the street front the golf course, and are quite impressive.  Just  north of us at the National Forest boundary, a marked trail  goes about 1½ miles to Benham Falls on the Deschutes River.   A couple of houses south of us is an old homesteaders' cabin, still standing (see photo).  Neighbors tell us it was used in the John Wayne movie Rooster Cogburn, which was filmed in part in the area before Sunriver was developed.

1 Tournament Lane,    +1 (541) 598-9165

Live (sorta) webcam!


View across street, updated several times throughout the day

Us on the front porch.jpg

Us on the front porch

View of back of house.jpg

Back of the house (can you spot the deer?)

Ruairi on the upper deck.jpg

Ruairķ on the upper deck

Living room from kitchen.jpg

View of living room from kitchen

Ruairi in the garage.jpg

Ruairķ in the garage

Beth and Erin with deer.jpg

Beth and Erin with deer

Old Homesteaders' Cabin.jpg

Old homesteaders' cabin

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Link to ODOT webcam near Sunriver

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